Education Day

We work hard to bring the most authentic and best possible event, to you and to our community. We are all about history!


APRIL 12TH, 2019

Program Times:
(subject to change)

Education Day is NO COST  to ANY AND ALL  REGISTERED  Elementary and Middle  Schools.  ALL ARE INVITED:  Public, Private, or Homeschool!! 

Space is limited:  REGISTER NOW!

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Possible Educational Stations

Historical Figures

Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
General Grant
General Lee
T.J. Jackson
Clara Barton
Sojourner Truth
Col. Fremantle
Dr. Meux

Horses and their riders demonstrate their tactics.

The foot soldiers show how they keep their weapons and themselves ready for battle.

The cannons and their attendants show how they load and maneuver on the battlefield
The doctors and nurses reveal how they take care of the wounded soldiers.

See how the camps, the troops, and the others communicated with one another.

See how the civilians of that time lived and supported the army.  Watch as they live off the land.

Listen and learn about what it was like to be a slave and how it felt to be set free.