Reenactor Information

To all Reenactor Participants AND Potential Participants.

For up to date information on the event, please contact your respective commander for Reenactor related information! 

What makes our event different than the others? Why choose our event over others?

Below are just a few of the reasons the Las Mariposas Civil War Days should be on your calendar!

Our event takes place on part of the actual site of John C. Fremont's  44,000+ acre federal land grant.  Active in Missouri and other places during the Civil War, many of our streets and buildings are named after he his family since they settled here.  Additionally, Mariposa itself is chocked full of a history of its own, including the gold rush, and many other important times in California's past. 

Our extraordinary event takes place on over 60 acres of land which resembles actual battlefield locations, as attested by prior  reenactors.  Inhibited only by your imagination, our site has wide open spaces with trees, draws, and a ravine.  Here the cavalry  lope their horses, cannon fire rages, and battle tactics and strategies are limitless in their potential.  Overall, you couldn't ask for a better locale.  


We provide all necessary needs to make sure your time at our event is not only and your needs are met
Phenomenal Post School Day Tri Tip Feed     
Sparkling clean restrooms
Abundance of potable water
Seasoned oak and pine firewood
Ample clean straw for bedding
Excellent hay for your horses